Bombardier’s Global Vision Flight Deck

Aircraft manufacturer, Bombardier is raising standards in cockpit design and technology with the release of its new Global Vision flight deck, which is to be used in the Global 5000 and Global Express XRS airplanes. London Air Services, a leading charter service provider, will be the first customer to receive aircraft fitted with the Global Vision flight deck.

The Global 5000 is a high speed jet which combines superior transatlantic speed with the largest cabin of aircraft in a similar range. Features include technologically advance high-speed Internet connectivity and unrivalled entertainment options. The Global Express XRS is a high-speed corporate aircraft which features an ultra luxurious large cabin and all the facilities required by business people. Both aircraft have the capacity to carry eight passengers and three crew members.

Rockwell Collins’ most advanced avionics suite technology, the new Pro Line fusion, will debut with Bombardier‘s Global Vision flight deck, cementing an already strong business relationship between the two companies. Pro Line Fusion supports an integrated flight deck that ensures interoperability between systems, resulting in increased efficiency. The features of the avionic suite include four high resolution active matrix liquid crystal displays that work in conjunction with the Head-up Guidance System, electronic checklist, personalized format of display information, maps with graphical flight planning, paperless operation enabled by dual electronics charts, integrated cursor control panel, future air navigation system, weather detection system, controller-pilot data link communication and MultiScan, synthetic vision system and Bombardier Enhanced Vision System (BEVS). The Global Vision flight deck is scheduled for certification in 2010 and entry into service will be in 2011.

The Global Vision flight deck is considered to be an excellent example of Bombardier’s commitment to offering customers aircraft that guarantee superior performance, value and reliability. The Global Vision flight deck is designed ergonomically with the an enlarged storage space within the pilot’s reach and map lighting and sun visors positioned where they will be most effective. The cockpit has the same high quality finishes that are used throughout the cabin, including luxurious leathers, suede and brushed chrome. A darker color scheme has been introduced for the cockpit and the pilot and co-pilot seats have been redesigned featuring carbon-fiber, leather and sheepskin, providing an overall sense of comfort.

Together with the upgraded cockpit, the Global Vision flight deck promises to provide pilots with an exceptional level of situational awareness, which in turn, offers passengers a smoother, safer flight.