Hybrid Tilt-Rotor Chopper By Falx Air

Simon Scott, the owner of Falx Air, has been hard at work the past eight years designing a concept aircraft that can revolutionize personal air transportation and medevac aircraft. His hybrid tilt-rotor chopper combines the speed of an airplane with the agility of a helicopter and the efficiency of a hybrid car – a combination that would be instantly appealing to a number of aviation enthusiasts.

Falx Air is a British aviation company that is based in Staffordshire, England. The brainchild of Simon Scott, the company already has quite a reputation. But it seems that the former British Army’s Air Corps communications specialist is not content to rest on his laurels. After spending years working on his creative new concept aircraft, he is now finally bench-testing the various components that will be used in the hybrid-electrical vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft. If all goes well, Scott hopes to create a single-passenger prototype that can begin the British Civil Aviation Authority’s certification process.

The aircraft’s power system is really the key to the success of this particular creation. Apparently the aircraft has an engine that powers two different generators. Each generator feeds the electric motors located on each wing, thus providing a constant source of power. The aircraft also has a battery pack which stores any additional power from the generator. This extra power is used to provide the extra boost needed during takeoffs and landings and also assists in the transition to forward flying. According to Scott, the extra energy boost in necessary because the rotors on a VTOL have a smaller surface area than that which is found on traditional helicopter rotors. This seemingly simple approach to creating power for the aircraft eliminates the need for items such as jet engines and gear boxes which make the aircraft very heavy. By keeping it light, the speed and agility of the aircraft is greatly enhanced. The aircraft is also far lighter on fuel.

After eight years of careful design, Scott is ready to get his aircraft off the drawing board and into the sky. Unfortunately, finding the parts needed to make this creation a reality may prove challenging – but so far it seems that Falx Air is getting the job done.