Virgin Atlantic Airways to Help Answer All of Life’s Questions

Virgin Atlantic Airways will soon provide a new in-flight service for passengers. From the comfort of their seats, travelers will be able to text message any question to a company called AQA (it stands for Any Question Answered) and the customers will get a copy of their message within minutes. Answers will be displayed on each passenger’s seat-back TV screens – these are standard even in the economy section.

Also standard is Virgin Atlantic’s in-flight entertainment system. It includes a full suite of movies, video and audio-on-demand as well as video games. I remember the days when you were lucky to get a pack of cards. Of course, that was before the birth of Virgin Atlantic, an airline that has thoughtfully provided all of the above in addition to onboard meditation programs. The Virgin Atlantic customers will be the first ones to have the text messaging AQA service, too – text messaging from an aircraft is now being provided from the same folks who invented in-flight massages and fully flat beds that give new meaning to sleeping on an airplane!

Virgin Atlantic began in 1984, when Virgin Records founder Richard Branson decided he wanted to form his own a airline company. Virgin Atlantic has done pretty well, and their goal is to continue their growth at a rate of 10% every year. With the great service and innovative technology and in-flight customer services it is nice to think that at least one airline is looking for new ways to provide their passengers with a beat of breed service even if it’s something like AQA. I do have to wonder, though – how will they answer, “Are we there yet?”.