Finnair Creates Futuristic Concept Aircraft

In celebration of the company’s 85th anniversary, Finnair has created a whole array of concept aircraft designed to provide a possible glimpse into the future of aviation. The collection is based mainly on current trends to create more environmentally friendly aircraft technology and to use lightweight materials.

The Finnair A600-850 M is so smooth and streamlined that is resembles a dart – it even has the needle-thin nose. It is little wonder then that this proposed aircraft is described as being a ‘zero-emission supersonic aircraft’. It’s most impressive feature is probably the super-light nanoceramic material that will construct the fuselage, making the aircraft super fast and super efficient. However the aircraft is so advanced that it would need a fuel specially suited to its particular demands. With this in mind, Finnair has chosen three possible fuels that would go a long way to making it an environmentally friendly aircraft with zero fuel emissions. The three chosen fuels are solar fuel, biofuel and hydrogen fuel. The aircraft’s elastic wings, which are capable of a degree of adaptation, are also noteworthy, while solar panels on the wings provide all the electricity a passenger might need during his flight. Passengers on this futuristic vehicle will have all the amenities they could dream of and more. The Finnair 600-850 M would be capable of seating a whopping 600 to 850 passengers.

The Finnair A600-850 might have a similar-sounding name but it certainly doesn’t look anything like the 850 M. It seems designers of this aircraft were big Star-Trek fans because the aircraft looks more like the Voyager spaceship. It has the same seating capacity, but has a completely different look and it is designed for much shorter trips. The aircraft has four engines that can be tilted, allowing for vertical take offs. This concept has been in use for some time but has stayed mainly in the realm of military aircraft. Now it looks set to cross the boundary into the passenger plane market. The aircraft also has solar panels on the aircraft’s outer surface while all the materials used to make it are 100% recyclable.

The Finnair A1700-2400 Cruiser is another interesting concept aircraft. It looks more like a flying saucer than an airplane and is capable of seating up to 2400 passengers – all of whom get to enjoy luxurious, self-contained cabins complete with toilets, showers and internet access. Other things one might expect to find aboard this great aircraft are bars, shops, a beauty parlour, first aid, gyms, conference rooms, and hologram theatres. This is more of a cruise ship than an airplane. The aircraft has seven engines that can be rotated for VOTL take-offs and increased flight stability. The aircraft also has several additional safety features that make it noteworthy.

These are just some of the great new possibilities that frequent flyers might look forward to in the next 85 years. Other concepts included a three-seat flying car and a space hotel that completes a full orbit of the earth every nine hours. Interesting ideas but only time can tell what the future really holds.