Diamond’s Latest D-Jet Takes Off

Diamond Aircraft Industries recently announced the successful first flight of the new D-Jet 003. The aircraft flew from the London office in Ontario to complete a successful maiden flight that lasted approximately one hour and twenty-five minutes. Test pilot Daniel Ribeiro was at the controls.

Diamond Aircraft Industries was proud to announce that their test flight went incredibly well and that all the test cards were completed. The D-Jet 003’s initially testing will focus mainly on refining the handling quality of the aircraft and on performance. However, there will also be a development of new anti-ice, autopilot, fuel and avionics systems in the new test aircraft.

The D-Jet is a composite, five-seat jet aircraft that is powered by a single-engine and produced by Diamond Aircraft Industries. Owner-pilots are the target market for the aircraft and, with lower operating costs and higher safety standards than many other aircraft currently used in this field, the D-Jet looks to be very popular. The first D-Jet flight took place on 18 April 2006 with subsequent development and fine-tuning taking place since then. The aircraft company expects to enjoy full certification sometime in early 2008 and hopes to start making deliveries by the end of the year. The D-Jet has a wingspan of 37.5 feet (11.5m), a height of 11.7 feet (3.6 m), and a load weight of 5 110 lbs (2,317.9 kg). It is capable of flying at 315 knots (362.5 mph, 583 km/h) and can climb to it’s service ceiling height of 25 000 feet (7,620 m) in just fifteen minutes.

In addition to all this, the roomy cabin and three large baggage compartments make it a very attractive little aircraft. The Garmin G1000 three-screen flight deck and the FJ33 engine also help make it ideal for Personal Light Jet pilots. Currently there are a lot of pilots making use of piston singles, light turboprops and twins that should find the D-Jet a very viable alternative. Those using older, more expensive light business jets will also find the D-Jet very appealing. Fortunately the long wait is almost over and D-Jet orders should be rolling out very soon.