Aerial Fun at Camarillo Air Expo

Every year thousands of people gather to enjoy the excitement and entertainment provided by the Camarillo Air Expo. The event takes place at the Camarillo Airport and will showcase a wide variety of aircraft. It has a little something for every aviation enthusiast and will no doubt appeal to a lot of newcomers too.

The annual Air Expo, which is set to take place on Saturday and Sunday, will no doubt provide hours or amazing aviation-orientated entertainment. So far the show line-up promises to include new experimental aircraft, vintage airplanes and even a delightful little remote-controlled miniature jet plane. But that isn’t all there is on offer at this weekend’s great event; a new generation of daylight-only small planes will most likely take the entire show by storm. These long-awaited show-stoppers will pique a lot of interest since they require a lot less paperwork when it comes to acquiring and flying one. The private aircraft, which are smaller than their traditional counterparts, can be flown by pilots who have a sport flying license. The sport flying license is easier to get than most other licenses and the small, simple aircraft are also a lot cheaper than many planes currently on the market. Some pilots feel that this is the perfect way to get started since it provides the thrills and frills of flying with low-costs and easy instrumentation. John Lowe, a member of the Experimental Aircraft Association, which is presenting the annual expo, said regarding the new aircraft: “We think our exhibits on this are going to draw a really big crowd.” Only time will tell if he is right, but so far things certainly look set to take place that way.

Event organizers have also promised fans a brilliant show despite rising fuel costs. They have refused to reduce the size of the show and so the same number of exhibition planes will take to the air as last year to provide spectators with a dazzling aerial show. The decision will hit the treasury hard, but event organizers seem to feel that it will be worth it since it means that spectators can get real value for their money. Adult admission tickets will range around $8 – much of which will be used to fund scholarships for students who want to be trained as airplane mechanics or gain engineering degrees. Other aspects of the show to look forward to include World War II planes, a C-47 transport, a P-40 “Flying Tiger” fighter, a PT-22 open-cockpit Boeing trainer and a B-25 Mitchell bomber. So make sure you don’t miss out on all this spectacular aerial action this weekend!