2009 Cable Air Show

Looking for a great airplane-orientated activity to enjoy with the family early next year? Look no further than the 2009 Cable Air Show! This great weekend-long event will have Californians arriving in their droves to some great flying-orientated family fun.

The 2009 Cable Air Show will be held at Cable Airport in Upland, California. The address of the airport is 1749 W, 13th Street. The Cable Airport was established 64 years ago, so it is already somewhat of an institution in the area. 2009 marks the 34th anniversary of the Cable Air Show and this year is set to be every bit as good as those held in previous years. But what can the average visitor expect to see at this event? To put it simply – planes, planes and more airplanes! There will a fantastic variety of different aerial displays to enthrall the crowds each day. For example, Frank Donnelly will be there with his Dr. D’s Old Time Aerobatics team, performing some pretty exhilarating stunts, as will the Freedom Parachute team and the Just In Time Skydivers. The Latin Skydivers are also not to be missed. Doug Jardine will be showing off his Sukhoi, while Jon Melby will be wowing crowds with his Pitts. For those who still enjoy playing with toys, there will be plenty of RC aircraft on display, with both the California RC Jets Club and Corona RC Aircraft participating in this part of the show. The aerial displays will be announced by Steve Stavrakakis.

Static displays on the ground will feature a wonderful variety of antique and vintage aircraft as well as some great old war birds and even a number of homebuilt aircraft. Military displays will prove interesting to many, while a variety of aviation vendors will provide pilots with a wonderful opportunity to grab some bargains. For those who are interested, a classic car show will provide an interesting diversion during the course of the day and a variety of food vendors will ensure that everyone stays well fed. Children, woman, men and even grandparents can all make the most of this great event. The 2009 Cable Air Show is set to take place on January 10 & 11. Don’t miss it!