Bombardier Unveils New Eco-Friendly Plane

Canadian plane maker Bombardier recently announced its plans to launch a new aircraft – the eco-friendly CSeries single-aisle passenger jet. The fuel-efficient jet will be launched in 2013 and will no doubt prove to be in big demand with oil prices currently crippling a number of airlines.

According to Bombardier the new aircraft has already received “significant interest” on a worldwide scale. And its no wonder, as according to Gary Scott, the president of the organization, the aircraft is “the greenest single-aisle aircraft in its class”. It is apparently capable of emitting up to 20% less carbon dioxide than other aircraft. It is also four times quieter and provides users with dramatic energy savings. The massive savings on fuel makes it a very attractive alternative for airline companies looking to save face in lieu of the current fuel crises. The CSeries aircraft, which will seat between 110 and 130 passengers, will cost around US$46.7 million (29.4 million Euros). Bombardier said that German carrier Lufthansa had already indicated that they were interested in buying 30 to 60 CSeries jets.

The release of the new aircraft was no doubt well-timed as it came just one week before the Farnborough International Air Show. This week-long air show takes place just outside of London and is a something of a battle ground for major airplane manufacturers Airbus and Boeing, with each company trying to see who can take the most plane orders. No doubt both companies will still receive a lot of attention with the Airbus A350 and A380 superjumbo and Boeing’s Dreamliner also helping to take the edge off rising fuel prices. However analysts have warned that slow or negative economic growth, combined with high inflation, may make it difficult for a number of publicly owned airlines to upgrade to the degree that they should, meaning that not many big deals are likely to be signed at this year’s air show. As it is, more than 25 airlines have either been bankrupted or stopped operating due to rocketing fuel prices. Many airplanes still in use are now considered to be too fuel heavy to cover their operating costs. While everyone is nervous to find out which airline will fold next, a number of airline companies look forward to the Farnborough International Air Show and the recently released Bombardier CSeries aircraft as a way to possibly survive the rough times ahead.