2011 Vintage Aircraft Weekend

The Historic Flight Foundation’s restoration centre was the host of the 2011 Vintage Aircraft weekend, which was held for the fourth time. The restoration centre is located at the Paine Field, which is situated just outside of Washington. It was a wonderful opportunity for aviation enthusiasts to get to know aircraft of the past, watch them fly and even hear from a number of celebrity guests of honor. It was a weekend for the entire family to enjoy, filled with education and excitement.

One of the main guests was William Boeing Jr., who is the son of the founder of Boeing. He spoke to the audience about an aircraft called the Model 40, which assisted the company to survive very hard times during 1929. There is only one of these historic aircraft still in working order in the world, and it was on display at the Vintage Aircraft Weekend, also performing a demonstration flight for spectators. Over and above this magnificent aircraft being on display, there was also another fifty aircraft on display, including the EA-6B Prowler, Beechcraft “Swaggerwing”, Grumman F-4F “Wildcat”, EA-18G Growler and B-25D Mitchell. There was aircraft from 1927 straight through to 1957. The flybys not only featured vintage civilian aircraft but military aircraft as well. Vehicle enthusiasts also had something to look forward to, as there were vintage vehicles on display. There was twenty restored military vehicles, as well as the Pacific Northwest Studebaker Club’s eight vehicles at the Vintage Aircraft Weekend, including the President, Commander and the Studebaker Champion.

Entire families enjoyed this outing as there was live music to entertain the crowds, dancing, demonstrations, World War II re-inactions, presentations and many more activities and entertainment. There were also food vendors and wonderful displays of historical uniforms and memorabilia. It was a magnificent trip back in history for aviation enthusiasts.