Jacqueline Cochran Air Show on 7 November

It is only fitting that a spectacular air show would be named after Jacqueline Cochran, as her skill as a pilot, fiery personality and dedication to aviation placed her at the top of her game. Her career as a pilot started in 1932 and she did not wait to jump into the world of fast flying. By 1934 she was already taking part in the thrill and excitement of international air races and was extremely supportive of female pilots.

Jacqueline Cochran went on to establish the Women Airforce Service Pilots Program, better known as WASP, and her war efforts and record breaking achievements as a pilot earned her awards such as the U.S. Distinguished Service Medal, the Gold Medal of the Federation Aeronautique, the General William E. Mitchell Award, the Harmon Trophy and she was inducted into the International Aerospace Hall of Fame in 1965. She will always be remembered and admired in the aviation community and is honored each year, through the Jacqueline Cochran Air Show.

The 2006 Jacqueline Cochran Air Show attracted more than 35 thousand spectators, and this year it is expected to grow even bigger. It is a day filled with fun, entertainment and magnificent airplanes that will have spectators spellbound for hours. In between the food vendors, stores and merchandise, visitors to the Jacqueline Cochran Air Show can look forward to seeing breathtaking aerial demonstrations, vintage airplanes and heart stopping acrobatic tricks and displays.

The skies will come alive with demonstrations by machines including helicopters, T-28, Hell Cat, F-16, C-17 and other spectacular aircraft. Performers will include: the Golden Stars Skydiving Team; the Patriot Jet Team, Rob Harrison and his Zlin-50; Bill Reesman and his MiG-17F, known as the Red Bull Meteor; the U.S. Air Force F-16 Viper West Coast Team; the U.S. Navy F-18 Demo Team; Doug Jardine; Jon Melby; and Julie Clark. Some of the aircraft to look out for include the F-16, that reachs speeds of 1 288 miles per hour and the F-18 with a speed of 1 190 miles per hour.

The Jacqueline Cochran Air Show 2007 will be held on 3 November 2007 and is anticipated to be an air show that will promote the aviation industry, inspire those who dream of becoming a pilot and captivate the imaginations of all that attend. It is an air show that pays tribute to the history of aviation and pilots such as Jacqueline Cochran who paved the way for the future.