Golden Age Air Museum’s New Monocoupe

The Golden Age Air Museum in Bethel, Pennsylvania, has received a most unusual donation – a 1927 Monocoupe airplane. The Monocoupe airplane is very popular among antique aircraft enthusiasts, with a number of clubs devoted to keeping this little airplane in the sky. What makes this particular airplane unique is that it has spent the past 40 years suspended from the ceiling of a restaurant known as the “Antique Airplane Restaurant”. Progress is inevitable and unstoppable however, and this unique restaurant is being torn down to make way for a new shopping centre. This particular Monocoupe was built in 1927 in Moline, Illinois, and has a colorful history that visitors to the Golden Age Air Museum can find out all about.

Situated in a scenic area at the foot of the Blue Mountain ridge, the Golden Age Air Museum invites visitors to explore the past, learn how and what pioneering aviators flew, as well as to rediscover the lost art of early aircraft construction. Visitors can get a real taste of the past by taking a breath-taking ride in an authentic, open cockpit, 1931 “Bird” biplane.

The Golden Age Air Museum was established in 1997 with the aim of entertaining visitors while educating them about the exciting early days of aviation. The “Golden Age of Aviation” refers to the two decades between World War I and World War II – also often referred to as the roaring 20’s and fabulous 30’s. That pioneering period of aviation history featured barnstormers, flying circuses, the beginning of airmail and the first commercial airlines.

The already impressive collection of antique airplanes and automobiles displayed at the Golden Age Air Museum is constantly being added to by means of purchases and donations. Visitors can watch craftsmen skillfully carry out restoration work using techniques and practices of early aircraft builders. These craftsmen are more than willing to answer questions that visitors may have with regard to the work being carried out and the displays.

The Golden Age Air Museum is a non-profit organization and relies on donations, admission fees and membership donations to carry out the work they are doing. So, for an interesting and educational outing, why not visit the Golden Age Air Museum and help keep aviation history alive.