Barcelona International Airport

Barcelona International Airport (BCN), also known as El Prat de Llobregat Aeropuerto, or more simply El Prat, is the city’s main airport. Situated just 13km from the center of Barcelona, this airport is the second largest in the country. Numerous airlines fly between Barcelona Airport and a wide variety of destinations. At present the Barcelona International Airport is being expanded and an additional south terminal will be up and running by 2009.

The original El Prat airport of Barcelona was opened in 1918. At first it was the base of the Zeppelin fleet belonging to the Spanish Navy. The airport began dealing with commercial flights in 1927. The terminal was reconstructed in 1968. As the country prepared for the Summer Olympics of 1992 a second terminal was built at Barcelona’s airport. Over time the number of passengers making use of Barcelona International Airport has grown and thus further plans have been made to expand to accommodate these swelling numbers.

Presently, Barcelona International Airport has 3 runways and 3 terminals. Terminal A is used for foreign airline departures as well as international arrivals. Terminal B is for the use of Spanish airline departures, plus European Union arrivals. Terminal C serves Air Shuttle flights and is for General Aviation. The airport in Barcelona has an annual capacity of 27 million. There are 63 gates and 133 check-in desks for the convenience of travelers. Information desks are scattered all through the Airport. Tourist desks can be found in both Terminals A and B. Also located in these terminals are banks, ATMs and a bureaux de change. A variety of other traveler needs are met by means of the post office, pharmacy, medical service, travel agents, tour operators and children’s entertainment areas. Shoppers can take full advantage of duty-free shops, a shoe shop, newsagents, jewelers, tobacconists, a bookshop and a music shop. If you are looking for something to eat or drink, there are several restaurants, cafeterias and bars on offer at Barcelona’s airport. Business people are well catered for with the Sala Europa conference room and various business services, including internet access. The airport in Barcelona also has many facilities for use by the disabled.

Transport to and from Barcelona International Airport is abundant. Taxis in Barcelona are an inexpensive and easy way to travel. The Shuttle bus service runs at regular intervals from the airport to the city and back. Alternatively travelers can make use of the RENFE train from Barcelona Airport to the city center from which you can make use of the metro system. If you prefer navigating through Barcelona on your own, you can hire cars at agents located at the airport. There are a number of top agents for car hire in Barcelona.