Marrakech-Menara Airport

Marrakech-Menara Airport (RAK) is a relatively small airport located in Marrakech, Morocco. Conveniently situated just 6 km outside of Marrakech, Menara Airport handles flights from Europe, Casablanca and other Arab nations. This airport is technologically up-to-date and can cope with aircraft up to the size of Boeing 747s. The well-equipped airport deals with some 180 international flights every week. The shortest flight departing from the airport is just 81 miles, whilst the longest is 1 566 miles.

The Office National Des Aéroports (ONDA) is the operator of Marrakech’s Menara Airport. This public airport is situated at the coordinates of 31º36’40″N, 08º02’33″W, at an elevation of 1 535ft (468m) above mean sea level. The single asphalt runway of Menara Airport runs in a 10/28 direction and measures a length of 10 170ft or 3 100m. Amongst the airlines making use of Menara International Airport are Royal Air Maroc, Air France, GB Airways, Atlas Blue, Air Horizons, Regional Airlines and Iberia Airlines.

Airport parking at Menara Airport provides space for 363 vehicles at a nominal rate. There are several transportation options for those traveling to or from the airport. A taxi trip should take about 15 minutes between the city and the airport. Grand taxis have sufficient space for 6 passengers, but are not permitted access to the Medina. Remember to agree on the fare before hopping in. Petit taxis are your average city cabs and can take you right up to Djemma El Fnaa square. Don’t forget to check that the driver switches the meter on before departing. To catch a taxi you can either hail them from a bus stop or use the taxi phones in the airport. Another option are shuttle buses, which will deliver you right to the door of your hotel or other destinations. Purchase tickets from the conductor. Car rental agencies can be found at the airport if you prefer driving yourself around.

The terminal at Marrakech-Menara Airport has all the necessary facilities and services for the comfort and convenience of travelers. Amongst these amenities are banks, ATMs, bureau de change, a post office, tourist desks, telephones, cafeterias, stores and boutiques. The airport has just been remodeled to include an impressive freight station, the addition of a 3rd terminal and greater aircraft parking for the increased traffic it is experiencing. Nearby are a number of top hotels including Sheraton Marrakech, La Mamounia and Ibis Moussafir Meknes. Travelers waiting for flights can explore the beautiful park beside the Menara airport. This lovely 100 hectare piece of greenery is filled with Moroccan olive trees.