Canadian International Air Show 2007 this September

The Canadian International Air Show (CIAS-07) took place on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of September 2007, which was Canada’s Labor Day weekend. The event took place at the Toronto waterfront, over Lake Ontario. On Saturday the 1st the show started at 13:00 pm and it ended on Monday the 3rd at 16:00 pm.

The Canadian Air Show is run solely by volunteers who put in many hours to make the show the success it is. Volunteers for the show arrange transportation, organize hotels, feed guests and take care of the airplanes, among other things.

For the first time the F22 Raptor performed at the Canadian International Air show. It was the first time that an aircraft of this magnitude performed in an air show outside of the United States of America. There was also two F22 Raptors performing in the Canadian International Air Show this year as well.

Other aircraft and teams at the Canadian International Air Show included the F16 Viper, USAF Heritage Flight, P51 Mustang, CF18 Hornet, Rick Volker, C17 Globemaster, F18F Super Hornet (Rhino), Canadian Forces Snowbirds, Starfighters, Patty Wagstaff, F4U Corsair, US Navy Legacy Flight, John Mohr Barnstorming and the Manfred Radius.

The CF-18 Hornet performed for the 25th time at the Canadian International Air Show this year and was one of the featured performers for the show. The CF-18 Hornet plays an important role in supporting NATO and NORAD in many of their missions as well as being used in the Canadian Air Force as a combat fighter jet. The CF-18 Hornet can reach speeds up to Mach 1.8, which will be displayed at the CIAS. Captain Yanick Gregoire will be the demo pilot for the CF-18.

The 2007 Canadian International Air Show celebrated the United States Air Force and the Canadian Air Force by dedicating a day of the show to each of the Forces. The U.S Air Force celebrated its 60th anniversary with a performance, which included the F-22 Raptor, the USAF Heritage Flight and the F-16 Viper.

The Canadian International Air Show is a must see, so be sure to check it out if you are in Toronto this September. You will be astounded by the aircrafts and the performances that they will give.