Malaysia Airports

Malaysia is an incredibly beautiful country with a tropical appeal. The country’s people are friendly, the economy is fairly well developed and there are plenty of tourism and business opportunities available, which makes it a great place to consider visiting. The country’s landmass occupies two different pieces of land that are separated by the South China Sea. Most people are quite surprised to find out just how well-developed Malaysia really is. With striking architecture and plenty of good roads, shops and services, you will find that the country has a lot to offer. And with just under 120 airports to choose from, you shouldn’t be too stuck for choice.

The main airports in Malaysia are the Kuala Lumpur International Airport and the Penang International Airport. The Kuala Lumpur International Airport was built to compete with other Asian airports and so it is the most modern and most up-to-date airport with the best facilities and transportation links. It has almost every service and facility imaginable and you will feel more like you are stepping into a first class hotel than arriving at an airport. The Penang International Airport is not quite as modern but it is also a great airport to use. The airport is less busy and has all the basic services that you will need when arriving in and leaving the country. Both airports have a relatively low elevation but this does not seem to strongly affect air traffic in any way.

There are many other airports which dot the country. Of course, none of them match Kuala Lumpur International in terms of size, volume and technology but they certainly offer great service none-the-less. Other international airports worth considering are the Kota Kinabalu International Airport, the Kuching International Airport and the Langkawi International Airport. If you are piloting your own aircraft, you will likely find that there are a large number of smaller airports available to you. Why not look around before finalizing your travel arrangements?