Penang International Airport

The Penang International Airport is located in the Bayan Lepas area of Penang. Because of this, it is also referred to as the Bayan Lepas International Airport. The airport is located just outside of Penang’s capital city of Georgetown and has been in use for quite some time so it is well-established and operations generally run quite smoothly. Penang is seen as being one of Malaysia’s bigger airports and is quite a popular choice for those wishing to fly to this part of the country. However, because the Kuala Lumpur International Airport is newer it is often chosen in preference to the Penang Airport.

The airport is a fairly large public facility that is currently operated by the Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad. It mainly serves the surrounding areas of Penang and has a relatively low elevation of only 9 ft (3 m) above sea level. The airport has only one runway which is made of asphalt and which measures 11 003 ft (3 354 m) in length, long enough to cater to most types of larger aircraft. When compared to other Asian airports, the services at Penang International are quite limited. However, they do provide for most of one’s basic needs and you will find two duty-free shops, a restaurant, a bank, restrooms, waiting areas, a foreign exchange office and a car rental facility at the airport.

When you arrive at Penang International Airport, you will find that the majority of the airlines that operate from here are of Asian origin. Thus, the vast majority of flights arriving at the airport are from other Asian countries and if you are planning to travel from further away you will most likely have to get a connecting flight to the country. Most foreign visitors choose to take taxis from the airport to their place of accommodation although you may also want to consider making use of the bus services available. You might also consider renting a car if you have been to Penang before and are confident that you can navigate your way around successfully. For those living in Penang, the airport has a long-term parking service and you may leave your car here for the duration of your trip.