Oakland Flying Club

Located in Oakland, California at the Oakland International Airport (OAK), the
Oakland Flyers flying club and training facility was founded in 1989. The Club owns 13 airplanes, including Cessna 152s, Cessna 172s, one Piper Archer, as well as Piper Warriors, one Bellanca Citabria, and one twin-engine Beech Duchess. The Club also owns a Frasca 142 Flight Simulator where simulated flight time can be officially logged by pilots and students alike.

Flight training is available seven days a week from the many Certified Flight Instructors on staff. Ground and flight instruction is at an hourly rate. The Oakland Flyers flying club sells pilot supplies as well as student training materials. Club members pay a one-time charge, monthly dues, instructor fees if applicable, and rental fees. Non-members can rent aircraft at a higher rate. Members of The Flyers Club often get together for fly-ins and various events throughout California and air shows throughout the United States.