FAI World Aerobatic Competition

The 24th FAI World Aerobatic Championship will be held June 24-July 4, 2007 in Granada, Spain at the Armilla Military Base.

The Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (“FAI”), or World Air Sports Federation, began in 1905. The FAI is a private, non-profit organization whose goal is to advance aeronautical and astronautical activities around the world. They are recognized as the official organization with the last word in air sports regarding rules, regulations, and world records. It authorizes local organizations to host FAI sanctioned competitions. For the 24th FAI World Aerobatic Championship, RFAE will be organizing the event in Granada Spain. This is the third world event organized by Spain since 2001, and Antonio Quintana will be the contest director.

The FAI oversees the Commission Internationale de Voltige Aerienne (“CIVA”) which organizes aerobatic competitions around the world. CIVA began in 1960. The FAI and CIVA will be presenting their annual awards, trophies, diplomas, and medals. Recipients will be pilots and others who have made major contributions to aerobatics in the Unlimited, Advanced, and Glider competitions.

Aerobatic pilots must be highly trained and proficient at flying to simply survive their sport, much less excel at it. In addition, aircraft used in competitions must also be of the highest caliber, and most pilots cannot afford a quality aerobatic airplane. For each pilot who is good enough to represent their country in the World Aerobatic Championship, there are many more who will never have the opportunity to compete on that level. Like auto racing, aerobatic flying is an expensive sport for those who like to live on the edge. The two sports are also similar in that competing at that level can be highly rewarding, particularly for those who win.

For more information about the 24th FAI World Aerobatic Championship, visit their Web site at http://events.fai.org/aerobatics/details.asp?id=4303. You can contact Antonio Quintana, the contest director by e-mail at presidente@rfae.org. To reach Real Federación Aeronáutica Espanola in Madrid, Spain, e-mail fae@rfae.org or presidente@rfae.org or call + 34 91 508 29 50 / +34 91 508 24 80.