Ukraine Airports

Ukraine is a country with an ancient and fascinating history, stunning scenery, fascinating culture and warm, welcoming people, making it an increasingly popular tourist destination. Economic developments in the last decade or so have resulted in business opportunities attracting business travelers to the country. All forms of transport, including air travel, are readily available making a visit to Ukraine a pleasant adventure.

Some more details on the airports available to you should help you with your travel plans and the destinations you intend to visit. Boryspil State International Airport is situated near to the city of Boryspil and only 29km from the capital city. Boryspil airport is the main airport into the country and one of the largest, taking on the majority of the international flights provided into the country.

From the airport all forms of transport are available to you. The Autolux Transport Company can provide you with comfortable, easy transport around the whole of the Ukraine and to most of the cities, a scenic way to view the country. Or if Kiev is as far as you want to go then Atass, a bus operator, can provide shuttle-buses to and from the capital.

If a car is what you need then go no further as Boryspil international can provide you with an array of vehicles from their car rental, allowing you to explore at your own pace. Taxis are also accessible to you and can get you to Kiev center in 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the traffic. Kiev or Antonov Airport is near Gostomel just 25 km from Kiev and is more of an international cargo airport as well as a test facility, specifically for Antonov aircraft.

Zhulyany Airport is located south of Kiev, providing most of the domestic passenger flights within the country apart from the other passenger airport in Kiev. Moving away from the capital, you will find Mykolaiv International Airport in the city of Mykolaiv and Odessa International Airport in Odessa, which also provides domestic flights.

Airports in Ukraine: