Radio-Controlled Planes

Did you hear about that guy in Michigan who got six months’ probation after shooting at his neighbors’ radio-controlled airplanes with a shotgun?

While the neighbor’s kid was flying his radio control airplane, this guy opened up on it with a .410-gauge shotgun. It freaked the kid out enough that he crashed the plane. No kidding – I’d be freaked out too. Did the guy think the kid should have been spending his time doing something else, maybe something like breaking into houses or taking drugs?

Apparently: his defense was that the planes were scaring his children (so calm them by shooting at the neighbor?), spooking his chickens (we hate when that happens), and making his goats faint from exhaustion (I’ll leave that one alone).

One of the conditions of his probation is that he stays away from the neighbors. I’m thinking they’ll probably stay away from him.