MCAS Miramar AirShow 2009

The Day Show morning schedule starts off with a radio-controlled aircraft demonstration, with highlights of the day including the US Army Golden Knights Parachute Team, the US Navy Blue angels with Fat Albert, Shockley’s “Shock Wave” Jet Truck, F-16 Fighting Falcon Demo and much, much more. The Twilight Show on Saturday starts at 17h30 with an AV-8B vertical take-off/landing demo and includes TAPS at sunset, US Army Golden Knights Parachute Team, Bill Reesman piloting the Red Bull Russian MiG 17F, Dan Buchanan’s Special Effects Power Glider, an awesome pyrotecnics display, and a Great Wall of Fire.

Date: 2, 3, & 4 October 2009

Venue: Marine Corps Air Station

City: Miramar, San Diego

Country: United States