Antonov An-148 Takes Flight

It was a day the entire team had been waiting for. The Antonov An-148 lifted off from a runway in Russia, and successfully performed the tasks required during its forty-one minute flight. On its maiden flight, the Antonov An-148 climbed to five thousand meters and maintained speeds of just less than five hundred and fifty-five kilometers per hour. This magnificent collaboration between Russia and Ukraine has produced a new aircraft that has already begun to make a massive impression on the aviation industry.

The Antonov An-148 aircraft is a jet aircraft that was designed by the Antonov Design Bureau, which is located in Ukraine. Construction took place at the VASO Aircraft Factory in Russia, combining the efforts of both teams, to be able to see the Antonov An-148 take to the skies. Production on the aircraft soon began and in June 2009, the An-148 began flying domestic flights for Aerosvit Airlines in Ukraine.

Its unique design, allows the Antonov An-148 to fly to airports few other aircraft would be able to. The twin jet turbine engines which are located under the wing of the An-148 drive the high wing monoplane into flight, and this unusual configuration offers protection to both the wing and the engines. The design of the wing along with the auxiliary power unit, also assists the aircraft to land at airports that are not as technologically advanced as those found in the bigger cities. Equipped with the latest navigational systems, fly-by-wire equipment and multifunctional displays creates a very reliable aircraft that is able to fly safely through a variety of weather conditions. Depending on the seat pitch installed in the Antonov An-148, the aircraft is able to accommodate between seventy to eighty passengers and two crew members. It has a cruising speeding of between eight hundred and twenty to eight hundred and seventy kilometers per hour and has a maximum take off distance of one thousand seven hundred and fifty meters. Orders for the new Antonov An-148 aircraft have come in from Cuba, Iran, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, confirming the success of the aircraft and the success of the designers and construction team.