Fans Get Ready To Enjoy 2008 Culdrose Air Day

The Culdrose Royal Naval Air Station will be hosting its annual Culdrose Air Day on July 30 later year. The 2008 line-up for the show promises to be most entertaining with more than 80 individual aircraft having already confirmed their participation in the event.

The 2008 Culdrose Air Day should be a day to remember with a massive line-up of spectacular flying displays already on the cards. The RAF roll demonstration team confirmed their participation in the event earlier this week, adding their names to a list that will already feature more than 60 other aircraft. So far the highlights for the flying displays include performances by a Royal Dutch Air Force F16 fighter, the Royal Navy’s famous Black Cat’s Lynx display team and a flyover by a USAF RC-135. The Lynx Mk3/8 helicopters will no doubt stun crowds with their back flips and other unfathomable maneuvers, since this aircraft is known for being one of the most agile helicopters in the world. These high-tech flying machines will be joined by a number of veterans such as a Swordfish and Sea Hawk, which will be displayed by the Royal Navy Historic Flight, and a number of World War II airplanes put to their paces by the Great War Display team. The Royal Navy Historic Flight was formed in 1972 to help preserve the aviation heritage of the Navy. Helicopters, fighter jets and other military aircraft from around the globe will be brought in to show off their stuff as part of this impressive day-long air show. An example of this is the Royal Jordanian Falcons who will be returning to the show to wow fans yet again. The Turbulent Team will be making their first appearance, throwing together interesting elements of flying for a great aerial display.

In addition to the multitude of aircraft that will be twisting, looping and soaring through the skies at unimaginable speeds to the delight of the public, a further 20 aircraft will grounded as part of a large static display that gives patrons the chance to view the aircraft up close and talk to the crews that fly them. Other activities that visitors can look forward to include helicopter rides, being winched up into the air, taking part in a recreation of a search and rescue mission, or getting behind the wheel of a military fire engine.