No Guns in Cockpits on Airplanes

The Federal Flight Deck Officer program, in which flight crew members are authorized to have a gun in the cockpit, doesn’t seem to be catching on. I was never in favor of it in the first place. The thought of bullets hitting innocent people, causing depressurization with shots through the fuselage, not to mention the avionics equipment that keeps the plane aloft, scares me. A stun gun makes better sense.

Armed federal officers posing as passengers is one thing, though I’d prefer they used stun guns too. However, if they fired a gun as a last resort, they wouldn’t be distracted with little things like flying the airplane. Besides that, their constant training in firing weapons would give them a better chance of not missing.

I don’t mind that there aren’t many guns in cockpits. That’s fine with me. Now it’s time to try something else.