Cape Girardeau Regional Air Festival

Cape Girardeau has been known as a friendly and welcoming destination for visitors since as early as the 1700s. Its beautiful landscapes, rich history and growing number of tourist attractions have seen an increase in visitors over the last few years, and one on their most popular attractions is the annual Cape Girardeau Regional Air Festival. It is hosted by the Cape Girardeau Regional Airport and will take place between the 6th and the 7th of July 2008.

The Cape Girardeau Regional Air Festival is a family event that is aimed at the education of the public, entertainment for both adults and children, but most importantly it is held in honor of veterans and servicemen from the past and present. It is a fun way of carrying on the heritage and the legacy that has been left behind by these men and women to the next generation.

Of course, together with the food stalls and exhibitions, there will be aerial entertainment, and some of the best pilots and exhibitionists have been enlisted to liven up the skies over the airport. As they have been doing since 1979, the Red Baron Squadron will thrill the crowds with nail-biting aerobatic maneuvers in their vintage aircraft. As stunt pilots that are known to push the envelope, spectators will be in for the time of their lives. Another fast paced group is the East Coast Rhino Demo Team and their VFA-106 striker fighters, showing off their speed and agility in the air. A futuristic feature at the Cape Girardeau Regional Air Festival is the Go Fast Jet Pack, demonstrated by Troy Widgery. Troy and two of his friends created a company specifically for the research and construction of this super light jet pack that propels Widgery through the air.

The Golden Knights, U.S. Army Parachute Team, will also be on hand to amaze the public with their skills and skydiving talents. Another group of spiraling and diving skydiving professionals, the WPST, will be keeping spectators on the edge as they hurl themselves towards the earth. Dan Buchanan will be hosting the night show on Saturday evening, complete with glowing wings, flashing lights, music and pyrotechnics. Dan transforms his hang glider into an instrument of wonder against the darkness of night. Otto the helicopter is a favorite every year, with his creative performances that appeal to crowd members young and old. Aerobatic Champion and gold medalist Skip Steward will get spectators holding their breaths as he shows off the capabilities of this customized aircraft. And while the professionals heat up the skies, Paul Stender and his Dodge Ram Jet will be tearing up the tarmac in his 392 mile per hour pick-up truck.

The Cape Girardeau Regional Air Festival is guaranteed to have something for everyone who attends and will most definitely be a festival filled with speed, sound and excitement. Anyone in the Cape Girardeau vicinity in the beginning of July should not miss out on this aerial extravaganza.