Standing Room Only for the Airbus?

Though Airbus representatives are denying it, reports have surfaced that the European-based aircraft company has been whispering in the ears of Asian carriers. Their secret? The idea of standing-room only for passengers in order to increase capacity, thereby stimulating profits. Passengers would be harnessed onto a vertical padded board. This would still conform to FAA regulations that each passenger be secured during takeoff and landing.

No takers yet on the Asian front. Carriers in other countries have publicly voiced an emphatic, “Not interested”. Perhaps, but with the increasing costs of fuel that don’t appear to be headed downward anytime soon, if ever, and the existing economic struggle that all carriers are facing, one never knows what the future holds. I remember some early comments about FM radio, when it first became available. “Oh, it’ll never catch on. They don’t even have them in cars”.