Cirrus SR-22

Referred to by some as the “Parachute Plane,” the SR22 is widely considered to be the world’s best selling single engine four-seat airplane. Manufactured by Cirrus, the SR22 is a low-wing aircraft with non-retractable landing gear and a glass cockpit. It’s design is based on the SR20, an aircraft with a smaller engine and fewer options than the SR22.

The parachute is known as the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System and is standard on all Cirrus airplanes. In an emergency, the plane’s occupant deploys the parachute by pulling a ceiling-mounted handle. That sets off a magnesium charge and ignites a solid fuel rocket. The rocket rips open the parachute compartment then slows the airplane as the 55′ diameter parachute canopy opens. The parachute then lowers the SR22 to the ground. Ground impact is lessened with the internal roll cage, Cirrus Energy Absorbing Technology (CEAT) seats, and special landing gear. Cirrus has flight tested the parachute system up to 135 knots.

The SR22’s wing is designed to resist stalls and thus spin entry during an unintentional stall. This is possible because the inboard sections fly at a higher angle of attack than the outboard wing sections. In addition to minimizing the risk of stalls, the wing design also increases roll control. The wing’s most noticeable feature is the extension of the wing tips’ leading edge.

Another safety feature of the SR22 is the optional ice protection system. It works as a preventative measure to keep the wings’ leading edges, vertical stabilizer, windshield, and propeller when flying in icing conditions but can also loosen trace elements of ice that has already accumulated on the wings’ leading edges.

The Cirrus SR22-GTS is a fully loaded version of the standard SR22-G2 model and includes leather seats and many other options.

Maximum speed: 372 km per hour
Cruise speed: 330 km per hour
Chute deployment: 246 km per hour
Range: over 1,000 nm
Ceiling: 25,000′ (for turbocharged versions)
Length: 26′
Wingspan: 38′ 6″
Height: 8′ 7″
Maximum weight: 3,400 lbs
Empty weight: 2,250 lbs
Engine(s): One 310 HP Continental IO-550-N engine
Rate of climb: 1,304′ per minute
Takeoff roll: 1,020′
Takeoff (50′ object): 1574′
Crew: One pilot and up to three passengers