Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute

May 11-13, 2007, and held at the Gananoque Airport (CNN8) in Ontario, Canada

The Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute (“CASI”) will be sponsoring the 2007 CASI Free Flight Competition. CASI is an organization whose members work in the aerospace and aviation fields. Teams will be comprised of at least five CASI students, though additional team participants may be non-members of CASI.

The CASI Free Flight Competition began in 1993 and it annually awards prizes to teams that design, build, and fly an un-powered aircraft that stays aloft for the longest duration and carries the heaviest payload. CASI believes that learning about aviation and the basics of flight is best achieved by actually building an airplane. Well-designed and stable uncontrolled aircraft are that much more challenging to construct than radio-controlled aircraft.

The aircraft will be uncontrolled by each team except as specified in the rules. Each airplane must be smaller than two metres by two metres square and no higher than one metre. The airplane’s empty weight must be less than 1,200 grams. In addition to the flying portion of the competition, each team will also be required to deliver a 15-minute oral presentation and a 30-page written report about their aircraft’s design, and other details.

As part of the flying event, one team member will use a 50-metre towline to raise the glider off the ground. After the glider is released and it must circle as it descends. Wind drift is acceptable, but the aircraft should be laterally, longitudinally, and vertically stable in flight.

The team that wins the CASI Free Flight Competition will have its name inscribed on the competition trophy, and a replica of the trophy will be presented to the team. The first place winners will also receive $500. The second place team will receive $200, and the third place team will receive $100.

To find out more about the CASI Free Flight Competition, visit them at their Web site at You can contact them at their offices in Ottawa, Ontario by telephone at 613-234-0191 or by e-mail at [email protected] Let them know sent you!