Spotlight on Passenger Comfort at International Expo

Taking place in Hamburg, Germany, from 9-11 April 2013, Aircraft Interiors Expo 2013 is dedicated to the aircraft interiors industry and is the largest event of its kind in the world. The expo offers the opportunity to view the latest trends in all aspects relating to aircraft interiors, including cabin interior design, in-flight entertainment, passenger services and connectivity. Run concurrently with the World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Expo, the Aircraft Interiors Expo features more than 500 leading suppliers, many of whom use the event to launch new products. The expo is only open to visitors and exhibitors directly involved in the aircraft interiors industry.

As part of the expo, the Passenger Experience Conference will take place on 8 April 2013 at the Congress Center in Hamburg, and will feature panel discussions, case studies and the opportunity to network with leaders in the industry. The opening address will share insights on what passengers expect from the cabin environment and how airlines can go about meeting these expectations. Later in the morning Chairperson Blake Emery (Boeing‘s Director of Differentiation Strategy) and speaker Tom Costley (Group Director, Head of Travel & Tourism TNS UK) will present the topic “Embracing the Future Today” in which they will identify the major consumer trends; discuss what the implications of an increasingly digital and mobile world are on business and leisure; and what impact this is likely to have on airlines and the broader travel industry.

Devin Liddell (Principal Brand Strategist, TEAGUE) will consider “Five Unexpected Lessons Commercial Aviation Should Borrow from Other Industries”, highlighting trend analyses, brand audits and business metrics designed to determine the relationship between financial and brand performance in commercial aviation. Delegates will receive a detailed explanation on the abovementioned lessons, along with realistic strategies to implement these lessons. Other sessions of the Passenger Experience conference include the topics “Driving Extra Value from Inflight Entertainment Systems and Connectivity”; “Cabin Interiors to Support New Ways of Doing Business”; and “New Opportunities in Hospitality and Service”. Panel discussions with Q&A sessions will include a debate on Bandwidth and improving the travel experiences for passengers faced with reduced mobility, as well as creating a more personalized inflight experience.