Australia Airports

The total number of Australian airports and airfields comes to 455, of which some are used for international and domestic flights, some for only domestic purposes, and others that divide their attention between chartered flights and privately owned aircraft. Each territory in Australia has its own international airport, and smaller airports are scattered across the region. International airports in Australia include, Sydney International Airport, Perth International Airport, Canberra International Airport, Darwin International Airport, Cairns International Airport, Adelaide International Airport, Hobart International Airport and Melbourne International Airport. The two main international Australian airports are Melbourne International Airport and Sydney International Airport.

The Sydney International Airport, is not only one of the most important airports in Australia, but is also one of the leading airports in the world. It deals with both international and domestic flights on a daily basis, and is the major centre in Australia for Qantas Airlines. Other airlines that operate from the Sydney airport include Lufthansa, Air New Zealand, Virgin Atlantic, Air France, United Airlines, Korean Air and Jet Star.

The Perth International Airport is by no means one of the largest international airports in the world, but it does assist in alleviating the domestic and international flight load that enters into Australia daily. International airlines that operate from the Perth International Airport terminals include South African Airways, Thai Airways, Air New Zealand and Qantas, to name a few. Domestic flights are serviced by Alliance Airlines, Qantas, divisions of Qantas, Virgin Blue and Skywest Airlines.

Canberra International Airport, is located in the capital of Australia, and has three main uses. It concentrates on domestic flights, houses an old air force base and accommodates general aviation facilities. The airport deals mainly with domestic air traffic, but is able to assist the international airports in an emergency or if a plane needs to be diverted. The old air force base is home to the transport and vehicle fleet that is used to transport heads of state that are visiting Canberra, and is owned by the Australian government. The airlines that operate from Canberra International Airport are limited, but include Brindabella Airlines, Virgin Blue, Qantas Link and Qantas Airways.