Canadian Airports

Canada is a beautiful country with plenty to offer the average visitor. However, the terrain is varied and vast and sometimes the cities and towns are remote. Because of this many visitors often choose to travel by air and even some locals prefer the convenience of flight for long distance travel over road or train. What’s more, some of the more remote parts of the country can usually only be reached by small aircraft with facilities for water-landings. Thus, if you are planning to go anywhere other than the usual, more popular cities, you would do well to investigate the matter thoroughly in order to choose your mode of transport wisely. There are plenty of airports in Canada for you to choose from.

If you are from another country you will most likely choose the Vancouver International Airport as your destination of choice. However, you should keep in mind that these are certainly not the only international airports available in Canada. The Calgary International Airport, the Ottawa International Airport and the Halifax International Airports are just a few examples of other international airports that you might consider. Of course there are a large number of much smaller airports that cater mainly to private aircraft scattered throughout the country. If you are planning to fly your own aircraft – or if you have your own private jet and need to get to your destination in a hurry – you might want to consider landing at one of these smaller airfields since they are much less busy and you will spend less time working your way through official processes and dodging Boeings than you might at one of the country’s major airports.

Of course there are also those few, very remote parts of the country that can only be reached by air and that do not have even a small airport. These places are usually situated near to some large body of water such as a lake or river and small aircraft fitted with flotation devices such as pontoons are usually the only ones capable of landing in the area. While very few visitors venture this far into Canada’s remote areas, there are those who may find that this is the only form of transport available to them. So investigate the matter thoroughly before you decide how to set off across the beautiful country of Canada.