Austria Air Power Air Show

As Austria finalizes plans for this year’s Air Power Air Show, airplane fans across the world are packing their bags and finalizing their travel arrangements. AirPower09 is set to be this year’s biggest European air show and it is a not-to-be-missed event.

Set to take place on June 26 and 27, 2009, Austria’s Air Power Air Show should be nothing short of spectacular. In previous years the show has set international standards, first with the birth of the Red Bull Air Race during AirPower03, and then with the EAC designating AirPower05 Europe’s best air show. Now, as arrangements for AirPower09 in Austria are given the finishing touches, fans of this prestigious event can prepare themselves to enjoy mind-blowing technology, wacky aircraft and breathtaking aerobatic displays.

The 2009 Austrian Air Show is set to take place at the Hinterstoisser Airbase in Zeltweg, Austria. The event is prepared by the Province of Styria, Red Bull and the Austrian Armed Forces, and the military display prepared by the Austrian Armed Forces is one of the highlights of the show. Not only does the show present an opportunity to wow crowds with the country’s military might, speed and skill, but it also shows how this aspect of the military can be used to provide protection and aid to the international community. Indeed, it seems that the role played by the Austrian Armed Forces in the maintenance of peace both at home and abroad will be a key theme of the airshow.

With an estimated 250 000 visitors making their way to the airbase to enjoy the event, the program certainly isn’t limited to only military aircraft. An incredibly diverse array of aircraft has been planned for AirPower09, from antique tri-planes to super-sleek combat jets. The air displays promise to thrill and excite, with some of the best military aerobatic teams from around the world scheduled to participate. Entrance is free and the event will be perfect for the whole family. The food available will be world-class and adults with small children will be able to make use of the day-care facilities provided on site. So there is absolutely no excuse to miss out on AirPower09!