Boeing Gets another Environmental Certification

Boeing has already made numerous public statements relating to its goals of becoming a more environmentally-friendly company and now it seems the company is putting its money where its mouth is. Boeing is working hard to ensure that all its major manufacturing facilities are ISO 14001 certified by the end of 2008.

Boeing’s Rotorcraft Systems facility in Mesa has been the most recent recipient of the award. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14001 is considered to pretty much be the global benchmark of industry and is an outward demonstration of a particular organization’s commitment to not only understanding environmental performance, but also to improving it. In arranging for the Mesa facility to be successfully accredited, Boeing has ensured that its environmental management system is completely valid.

So how is the ISO 14001 certification done? A team of independent auditors from DNV descend on the chosen location to ensure that an environmental management system already exists and that the employees at the particular location understand what sort of role they play in the company’s efforts to protect the environment. In this case the auditors visited the Mesa site between September 23 and 26. It was found that Boeing’s Rotorcraft Systems facility complied with all the required standards.

According to Mesa Site Leader Tony Ham, being awarded the certification is not only a major accomplishment, but an important demonstration of the company’s commitment to “continuous environmental improvement.” Ham also said: “The fact that our audit report included seven noteworthy items demonstrates that our environmental management system is mature and in good shape for long-term sustainment and continuous improvement.”

Further to this, the auditors who audited the site actually commended Boeing’s Rotorcraft Systems facility for its environmental achievements – specifically with regard to their work on energy conservation and recycling, as well as on the use of chrome-free primer on their Apache helicopters. Clearly Boeing is making sure that they live up to their reputation of excellence in every field, including in environmental sustainability. Hopefully they will be seen as setting the standard for excellence in the industry as a whole and more and more aircraft manufacturers will see fit to get themselves ISO 14001 accredited.