Vietnam Airports

More famous for war-related tragedies than for it’s own natural splendor and lovely people, Vietnam is a great place to consider visiting if you are looking for something a bit out of the ordinary. The country has a bit of everything – from visually stunning world heritage sites like Ha Long Bay to the many colorful temples and creative theatrical performances. There are developed shopping districts and poorer villages, bustling cities and vast expanses of natural landscapes. The Vietnamese people have been strongly influenced by the Chinese culture and this certainly shows. However, they are distinctly different and when you try their food or visit some of the many attractions around the country, you will recognize that Vietnam is a wonderfully different place. There are at least 32 different airports in Vietnam, although most of them are fairly small and would only be an appropriate choice if you are using an air charter or flying your own small aircraft.

Currently one of the most popular landing choices for visitors to Vietnam is that of Noi Bai International Airport. This airport is classified as being the biggest in the country in terms of volume and runway length but the actual buildings are somewhat smaller than those found at other international airports. The reason Noi Bai is so popular is that it serves the country’s capital city, Hanoi, and because it is the newest and most modern of Vietnam’s airports. It currently has only one paved runway which measures 3 800 meters in length but a second runway is currently under construction. If you do not land at Noi Bai, then you will most likely touch down at Da  Nang International Airport or Tan Sot Nhat International Airport. Tan Son Nhat is the country’s second biggest and is located in Ho Chi Minh City while Da Nang is the country’s third largest international airport. Da  Nang is considered to be an important access point to central Vietnam and it recieves a lot of traffic.

The airport you choose to use will largely depend on where you are going and what your needs are. If you are flying with one of the many public airline companies that support these airports, you will simply need to decide which part of the country you want to visit. However, if you are piloting a smaller airplane, you will have much more choice in the matter and should consider using on the of the smaller airports which may well be closer to your final destination.