5 Sport Airplanes You Can Buy For Less Than $200,000

MOJOGRIP!! Subscribe for MORE: https://goo.gl/1VMCk5 My Audio Recording Device: https://amzn.to/2LK7ByV Ultralight Airplanes (In Europe) a.k.a Light Sport Aircrafts (In USA) are the perfect entry into flying or becoming a pilot. These airplanes generally are smaller in size and can only seat two people. They also have a speed limit of 120 knots in the US LSA category. Although these airplanes are categorized as for recreational use, they are also very capable cross country airplanes. You can travel further with them and cruise nicely at 120 mph - 130mph TAS. The airplanes listed in this video may have a different price or performance from the numbers shown in the video, so please do check with the airplane website or manufacturer for more concrete data. Here are the 5 airplanes listed Bristell LSA: Arguably one of the best looking Light aircraft in the market today. The Bristell brand is rarely young at only 7 years old and they have already sold on average 50 airplanes each year since 2011. There are now at least 300 Bristell airplanes flying in the skies today. Engine: Rotax 912 Cruise speed:112 knots Stall speed: 31 knots Fuel consumption: 4.5 gallons per hour Price: $150,000 Czech Sportcruiser: Formerly known as the Piper sport, here is one of the most popular light sport aircraft in the United States today. With well over 600 fleet flying in the skies today, the sport cruiser should be considered the grandfather of all certified light aircraft, specifically in the LSA category. The airplane is currently headquartered and designed in the Czech Republic and it has several bases and distributors in the US and around the world Engine: Rotax 912 Cruise speed: 93 knots Stall speed: 31 knots Fuel consumption: 4.6 gallons per hour Price: $150,000 Tecnam Astore - The Tecnam Astore is one of the few hidden gems in the Light sport category. This airplane generally don’t get a lot of attention like the other more popular airplanes in the market. But this is a gorgeous airplane with nice finishes and touches. And it has a higher max cruise speed of 124 knots. Engine: Rotax 912 or Rotax 914 Cruise speed: 120 knots Stall speed: 39 knots Fuel consumption: 4.5 gallons per hour Price: $162,000 Sling 2: The sling 2 is a 2 seater LSA version airplane from the airplane factory. The sling 2 is both a certified LSA and can also be homebuilt as an experimental airplane. Needless to say that this is one of the most affordable light aircraft in the market. With a starting price of $135,000 and with all the bells and whistles, you are looking at about $30k-$40k more in price. Engine: Rotax 912 Cruise speed: 120 knots Stall speed: 40 knots Fuel consumption: 3.8 gallons per hour Price: $135,000 Blackwing Sweden: The blacking is a very fast ultralight airplane designed and manufactured in Sweden. The aircraft comes in 2 different models. One with fixed landing gear and another with retractable landing gear. The blackwing also boasts cruise speed reaching up to 150 knots per hour. That is quite fast for an airplane running on a 100 horse power rotax engine. Engine: Rotax 912 Cruise speed: 136 knots Stall speed: 35 knots Fuel consumption: 3.7 gallons per hour Price: $200,000 Music by http://bensound.com