Nicaragua Airports

Nicaragua might not be the most affluent country in the world but what it lacks in financial prosperity it certainly makes up for in terms of natural beauty. The virtually untapped splendor of this country makes for stunning eco-adventure opportunities and more and more people are starting to see Nicaragua as a holiday destination worth considering. In fact, some have even seen fit to invest in the slowly growing property market here since prices are low and properties are big and spacious. If you are considering a visit to Nicaragua, you will likely arrive by air even though the country can be reached by various other forms of transport. Air transport is quick, efficient and relatively low cost and there is simply no better way to save time while navigating your way around the country.

There are two main airports in Nicaragua. Corn Island Airport is a popular choice, although this airport only really serves the Corn Islands. Despite their small populations, these islands are popular with tourists and are a great place to escape to during the holiday season. Even more popular is the Managua International Airport, which specializes in handling large aircraft such as Boeing 707s, 727s, 737s, 757s and 767s. Previously named the Augusto C. Sandino International Airport, the airport employs some 350 people and features a 8 012 ft runway.

There are also several other airports in Nicaragua and if you are planning to go somewhere other than the usual tourist destinations, you might well consider using one of them. Although very small, Bluefields Airport is a popular choice, as is Puerto Cabezas Airport. Other choices include Bonanza Airport, Siuna Airport, Rosita Airport and Waspam Airport. Since most of these alternatives are very small, there is little that can be said about them. They mainly handle small aircraft and customs must usually be contacted in advance. Most of them also feature a dirt runway. However, if you see the opportunity to fly to your destination instead of catching a public bus, you certainly wont regret your choice!