Ecuador Airports

Although Ecuador is a relatively small country it can provide visitors with much entertainment and enjoyment as you travel to the main cities to explore the history and culture of these people. The capital of Ecuador is Quito and is definitely a city you must visit as well as Cotopaxi, which shares the same name as the highest active volcano. The biggest city in Ecuador is Guayaquil where you will find the Simon Bolivar Airport. Another tourist attraction you should put on your to do list to visit is Mount Chimborazo that stands a total of 6,310 meters high.

Getting around is not a problem in Ecuador and there are many airports that can provide you with a variety of flights around the country to any destination you may desire. One of the airports is the Jose Joaquin de Olmedo International Airport, five km outside of Guayaquil. From José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport you can make your way into Guayaquil via the taxi or bus services available there or you can hire a car.

When you are in the capital, Quito, you will have at your disposal the Mariscal Sucre Airport, which is about five km or three miles from the city center. If you choose to land there you will find a taxi and bus service outside the terminal to provide you with transport. Should you want to hire your own car you will find a couple of reliable car rentals like Avis and Hertz. If you have an hour or two to spare you can enjoy a meal at one of the restaurants or cafés as well as the duty free shop. You can additionly contact home or make arrangements with the telephone and internet access available there. There are also facilities available for those with special needs like a wheelchair, but it is advisable to contact the airport beforehand so that necessary arrangements can be made.

Other local airports in Ecuador are Tachina Airport in Esmeraldas and Elov Alfaro Airport, 2.5 km outside of Manta. Elov Alfaro Air Base, also known as Manta Air Base, is partially a civilian airport as well as a military air base and can be found just outside the city of Manta. There is also Ipiales San Luis Airport and Tumaco La Florida Airport in the city of Guayaquil.