New Garmin® Synthetic Vision System Receives Certification

Garmin International Inc. has proudly announced that it has received FAA supplemental type certification for the new Garmin Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT). The new technology is designed to work in conjunction with the G1000 avionics suite, which has already been installed in numerous aircraft and which has also won much acclaim.

The new Garmin SVT system basically assists the pilot by providing a 3D depiction of the surrounding terrain, nearby obstacles and traffic. This information is then displayed on the G1000’s primary flight-display (PFD), enabling pilots to see a crystal clear image of what lies outside the cockpit, even if flying conditions are less than favorable. This in turn gives pilots a higher level of airborne awareness, which leads to higher levels of safety when taking to the skies.

The SVT accurately displays synthetic terrain, flight hazards, highway-in-the sky and flight path markers accurately on the G1000s PFD, which has a brilliant XGA (1,024×768-pixel) resolution as well as wide angle views and the best sunlight readability. The information is presented in a way that is easy to understand so that pilots can interpret the information with ease and this leads to lower stress levels overall.

The system is able to use topographical features to alert pilots to potential ground hazards. It also enlarges obstacles so that the pilot is more easily aware of them, represents nearness of surrounding traffic, marks out the projected path of that particular aircraft, indicates how high an aircraft may be in relation to the terrain below the aircraft, identifies nearby airports, shows runway designations and thresholds, and displays a grid over the terrain surface for an enhanced perception of distance.

Already the G1000 has set an avionics standard and it is quite likely that the SVT will receive similar praise. The innovative design, ease of use and helpful nature of the new system makes it virtually indispensable. Garmin International Inc., a subsidiary of Garmin Ltd., is currently the global leader when it comes to satellite navigation. It has been developing and manufacturing navigation, communication and information devices and applications since 1989 and the company’s products are used in almost every sphere of life.