Restoration Begins of Hangar 37 at Pearl Harbor – Airplanes

The Pacific Aviation Museum has begun restoration of Hanger 37 on Ford Island at Pearl Harbor. Their goal is to complete it before the December 7, 2006 grand opening.

The museum expansion and restoration of Hangers 37, 54, and 79, as well as the orange-and-white checkerboard control tower building and complex, will fill 16 acres and cost $75 million. In addition to World War II aircraft, they’ll also feature planes used during the Cold War, Korean War, Vietnam War. The museum will include modern aircraft displays. During the museum tour, Red Cross vehicles will take visitors past debris and smoking seaplanes simulating the Japanese attack.

Ford Island is rich with aviation history, and this museum will be the only one in Pearl Harbor dedicated to the pilots who lost their lives at Pearl Harbor and during other battles in the Pacific theater.