Benito Juarez International Airport

Benito Juarez International Airport (MEX), also known as Mexico City International Airport, is located just 13km east of Mexico City. This well-equipped airport is one of the busiest in Central America, handling more than 720 long haul flights every week. The airport of Benito Juarez In Mexico City is easily accessible for tourists, business travelers and other passengers, offering good service and numerous flights.

Grupo Aeroportuario de la Ciudad de México operates Benito Juarez International, which is a public airport. This fine airport is situated at the coordinates of 19º26’11″N, 99º04’20″W and an elevation of 2 238m or 7 342ft above mean sea level. Benito Juarez airport boasts 2 runways. The first asphalt runway is in a 05R/23L direction and measures 12 795ft (3 900m). The second is also asphalt and is in a 05L/23R direction, measuring 12 966ft (3 952m). Both are used for take-off and landings.

Benito Juarez International Airport in Mexico has a two terminals with all the necessary amenities. Helpful information desks are scattered all through the Mexico City airport. Other useful facilities and services include banks with bureaux de change, ATMs, a post office, mobile phone hire, an Internet café, lockers, porters, pharmacies and medical facilities. Those seeking something to eat or drink can stop in at one of the many restaurants, bars, cafeterias and fast-food outlets. Whilst waiting for flights passengers can browse a variety of shops such as bookstores, jewellers, duty-free craft shops and clothing stores. Business travelers can also take advantage of a number of business related amenities.

Airport parking is available at Benito Juarez Airport for some 5 000 vehicles. Whether you require short or long term airport parking at Mexico City Airport, it is all conveniently located near the terminal. There are several options for transport to and from Benito Juarez Airport. Official taxis can be found just outside the baggage claim section and are clearly marked with the airport logo. Purchase your taxi ticket inside. Buses are also available and will carry you to a variety of destinations. The metro station is situated outside the terminal and is an inexpensive form of travel. It is available every 10 minutes.