Excitement Surrounds the Volandia Project

The inauguration of the “Volandia” project was held recently with a view to it being completed and open to the public in 2010. On completion, this project, undertaken by the Museum of Aeronautics Foundation, will be the largest park and museum dedicated to aeronautics in Italy. The site for Volandia is the former workshops of the renowned aircraft manufacturer Caproni, situated next to the Malpensa Airport in the area of Lombardy in the Varese province of Italy.

The inauguration event provided a preview of exhibits of the first airplanes that have been expertly restored. This was done with the objective of ascertaining the level of support for the project and bringing to the attention of potential backers that Volandia aims to serve as a communication instrument for the aviation industry in Italy, as well as internationally.

It is appropriate that an aeronautics park and museum of this magnitude should be situated in the Varese province. It serves as a testimony to the region’s significant contribution to the aircraft manufacturing industry over many years. It is aircraft manufacturers such as Caproni, August, Siai Marchetti and Aermacchi that have contributed to the development of a thriving industrial district which continues to maintain standards of international excellence.

The Volandia museum will occupy an area of about 16,000 square meters, surrounded by an additional area of 50,000 square meters of parkland. The section of the buildings that the museum will occupy has been chosen because their dimensions will allow the exhibition of considerable sized aircraft with ease.

The museum will be organized in a number of sections according to various themes. The aim of this is for Volandia to be more than just an aircraft exhibition, but a memorable experience, by appealing to emotions through recreated settings. The themes will include the pioneering era of aviation, acrobatic aircraft, civil aviation, local aeronautical companies and research in rotary winged aircraft featuring an exhibition of Augusta helicopters. Other aspects of Volandia will be a library, a video library, classrooms, an archive, a conference room and fully equipped laboratories and workshops which will be dedicated to the repair and restoration of aircraft.

Volandia is an ambitious project which, through the enthusiastic and committed efforts of all involved, has every chance of being a success. Visitors can look forward to exploring this park and museum which is dedicated to the past, present and future of the fascinating world of aeronautics.