The Innovative Remos G-3

Located in the city of Pasewalk, about a one-hour drive from Berlin, Germany, Remos Aircraft GmbH is turning out technologically advanced light sport aircraft that are gaining ground in a competitive market. The Remos G-3 combines the latest in aviation technologies and materials with the highest levels of German craftsmanship and quality, which the manufacturers guarantee will deliver uncompromising reliability along with high value retention.

A light sport aircraft generally spends most of its time on the ground, resulting in hangar expenses forming a significant percentage of the aircraft’s operating costs. The Remos G-3 has been designed with folding wings which, with a single solid bolt for each wing, can be folded away for storage or folded out for flight by two people within less than five minutes. This allows the owner of the Remos G-3 to store it in a trailer either at home or at the airport, eliminating hangar expenses. Another cost-saving factor is that the Remos G-3 runs on premium auto fuel and not aviation fuel.

The roomy cockpit has been ergonomically designed for comfort and efficiency. The pilot’s seat is manufactured from carbon fiber with integrated lumbar supports and covered in a top quality micro fiber textile which greatly enhances the comfort factor of the Remos G-3. The seating position allows an extraordinary view with full forward visibility over the cowling. Apart from the scenic value of this feature, the extra visibility is beneficial from a safety perspective. The standard-package control panel is user friendly and allows for the easy addition of nice-to-have upgrade options, including a cabin heating and ventilation system, automatic circuit breakers and an oil temperature regulator control.

Carbon fiber, a virtually age resistant compound material, is the key component in the manufacture of the Remos G-3. This sturdy light sport aircraft has been tested in more than 3,000 flying hours with in excess of 20,000 landings showing no signs of deterioration in the structural integrity of the wings, the fuselage, empennage, rudder and landing gear, contributing to the high value retention and excellent safety record of the Remos G-3.

Experienced military and professional pilots who have flown the Remos G-3 have given it the thumbs-up for being safe, easy to fly and a whole lot of fun. Remos Aircraft GmbH is challenging their opposition in a number of ways, including marketing initiatives that show existing and aspiring pilots that their dreams of flying and owning their own aircraft may not be out of reach.