Thailand Airports

The beautiful country of Thailand is already well noted as being a great holiday destination. The food is tasty but noticeably different from that of other oriental cultures while the people are incredibly friendly. The country itself is beautiful and though certain bigger cities may struggle with pollution, the landscape is varied and offers visitors a chance to see rural village life or bustling cities, and glistening beaches or gently sloping mountains. In urban areas there are endless markets, shops, bars and temples to see and one can literally spend days just mulling around getting a feel for Thailand’s unique people and culture. Every inch of rainforest and city is worth exploring and the country should definitely not be overlooked when choosing a holiday destination.

Travel in Thailand is relatively uncomplicated and there are nine major airports to choose from. Of course these include the fantastic Bangkok International Airport and the Phuket International Airport which are the two biggest airports in Thailand. Bangkok is by far the bigger of the two and it has three terminals and receives flights from Asia, Eastern Europe, America, Western Europe and Australia. However, there are also a variety of other airports available such as The Chiang Mai International Airport, the Chiang Rai International Airport, the U-Taphao International Airport and the Hat Yai International Airport. To date there are approximately 108 different airports in Thailand so if your time is limited, flying is usually the quickest way to access even the smallest of towns. Most of Thailand’s budget airlines offer flights from Bangkok International to all of Bangkok’s smaller airports. You might also choose to pilot yourself if you have your own aircraft and a license to fly.

All of Thailand’s international airports are have fairly good transport services with a choice between Airport buses, a rail station and minibuses. Those with a bit more money might prefer to take a taxi or hire a limo from the airport to their desired destination. So the next time you fly to Thailand, take your time to plot your course carefully and make good use of this country’s excellent airport facilities.

Airports in Thailand: