2009 Riverside Airshow

Airplane lovers will be happy to know that the next air show is on its way. The Riverside Airshow is set to take the residents of Riverside by storm on March 28, 2009. This fantastic event in Riverside, California, will be enjoying its seventeenth year and it is already well-known for being on of the area’s largest family entertainment events.

The Riverside Airport Open House & Airshow will see all sorts of aircraft lined up on the tarmac at the Riverside Airport. Military aircraft will showcase the latest in aviation technology, while a variety of war birds and replica aircraft will help history buffs to relive the glory days. Helicopter displays will no doubt have people stunned as these agile aircraft make their way across the sky, while aerobatics displays are sure to be a family favorite yet again. And just in case certain members of the family are not terribly aircraft orientated, event organizers have seen fit to make sure that everyone is catered for. A classic car show will no doubt be a true crowd pleaser, while a variety of interesting military vehicles will also be on display. A number of community group exhibits will also draw your attention and prove to be worthy viewing. Those looking for a good bargain will no doubt find plenty amongst the many aviation vendors who will be trading at the 2009 Riverside Airshow. In previous years this fantastic one-day event has attracted as many as 70 000 spectators and the organizers are hoping that the support for this year’s show will be even better! There will be more than 200 acres of space brimming with aircraft on view in the static displays and plenty of great aerial displays too. Children will certainly not be left out and the food and refreshments available at the event will keep you truly satisfied.

The 2009 Riverside Airshow promises to be better than ever and the best part is that admission to this fantastic event is free. If want to see a stunning variety of aircraft, meet or view talented pilots such as Hartley Folstad, Margaret Stivers and Dr. D, or simply enjoy a fantastic day out in the open with family and friends, make sure that you don’t miss out on the Riverside Airshow!