Bombardier Celebrates a Century of Flight in Canada

It has been one century since the first aircraft took off in Canada. A number of exciting initiatives have already been planned across the country to mark this exciting milestone. One of the first is the opening of a new exhibition at the Canada Aviation Museum located in Ottawa. The exhibition is entitled “Canadian Wings: A Remarkable Century of Flight.”

The first aircraft to fly in Canada was the Silver Dart, which took off from the frozen lake at Baddeck Bay in Nova Scotia on February 23, 1909. Though the aircraft only flew a half mile, it marked an important turning point in the history of Canada. Indeed, this aircraft changed the face of Canadian history by laying the groundwork that later enabled people to gain access to the most remote parts of the country. This is a function that aircraft in Canada still play today, as many remote communities simply cannot be easily accessed in any other way. This trend has continued in other parts of the globe and the success enjoyed in early aviation history in Canada is now seen as laying the groundwork for aircraft that later came to forge links between nations and cultures around the world.

It has been a hundred years since that inaugural Canadian flight – a whole century of flight! And what better way to commemorate this giant leap in aeronautical developments than to dedicate a museum exhibit to the subject? The Canada Aviation Museum was the obvious choice for such an exhibit and will no doubt be able to provide visitors with an abundance of information about the Silver Dart and the development of other aircraft in Canada over the years. Bombardier has been at the heart of this development over the years by acquiring early aircraft manufacturers such as Short Brothers, Canadair, de Havilland and Learjet. When one takes all these different manufacturers into consideration, you will discover that Bombardier has more than 250 years of combined experience on which to build! As the foremost leader of aviation development, Bombardier has seen fit to celebrate the century of flight by making sure they’re a part of as many of the different displays planned in celebration of this milestone during the course of the year. There will be a very strong Bombardier presence at the opening of the exhibit as the company has enjoyed close collaboration with the museum to ensure that it is as successful as possible. So make sure that you don’t miss out on this great event. The exhibit opened on February 23, 2009.