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  • Bombardier

    In 1986, Bombardier entered the aircraft manufacturing business when it acquired Canadair, a manufacturer based in Canada. In 1989, it also acquired Short Brothers, a Northern Ireland manufacturer of military and civil aircraft, and defense systems. In 1990, Bombardier acquired Learjet Corporation, manufacturer of the Learjet business jet. Bombardier currently designs and manufactures the ...

  • Cessna

    Cessna Aircraft Company was established in 1927 and manufactures a range of aircraft for the private and business sectors. Cessna is perhaps best known for the 172, a single-engine piston airplane that is one of the most popular trainers of all time. Cessna also manufactures the Citation business jet and the Caravan, a freight and […]

  • Cirrus

    Cirrus Design was originally founded in 1984 as a kit plane manufacturer. Today, Cirrus produces the SR20 and SR22 single-engine piston aircraft that feature an emergency deployable parachute known as the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS). In 1998, Cirrus received FAA Type Certification for the four-seat SR20 which is built from composite materials. In 2000, […]

  • Diamond Aircraft

    Diamond Aircraft began in 1981 as Hoffmann Flugzeugbau when it developed the H36 motor glider. In 1985, the company became Diamond Aircraft Industries. It now manufactures general aviation aircraft, including single-engine jets as well as single and twin-engine propeller airplanes. Though based in Austria, Diamond also has facilities in Canada. At AirVenture 2006, Diamond Aircraft […]