Tag: engines

  • Cirrus SR-22

    Referred to by some as the “Parachute Plane,” the SR22 is widely considered to be the world’s best selling single engine four-seat airplane. Manufactured by Cirrus, the SR22 is a low-wing aircraft with non-retractable landing gear and a glass cockpit. It’s design is based on the SR20, an aircraft with a smaller engine and fewer […]

  • A10 Thunderbolt

    The primary role of the A-10 Thunderbolt II was to provide close air support for ground forces. The single-seat twin engine A-10 was designed to destroy armored vehicles, tanks, and other fortified targets. It also provided forward air control in advance of other aircraft. The first A-10 flew in October of 1975, and in March […]

  • Air Shows

    Airplane engines thundering above you as the pilot pulls his aircraft into a loop take your breath away. This is the experience of many who have attended air shows. An air show is an exhibition of aircraft and the aviators flying skills. They are most often organized at airfields where there will be a display […]

  • South Australian Aviation Museum

    Port Adelaide, South Australia The South Australian Aviation Museum began in 1984 inside a small garage behind a hotel in Glenelg. Two years later, the museum moved to the former SA Lion Flourmill in Port Adelaide. As the South Australian Aviation Museum grew, larger quarters were required and it closed temporarily in 2005 in preparation […]