Heli UK Expo 2014

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Heli UK will take place on 3-4 June 2014 at Sywell Aerodrome, which is perfectly located for easy access from all corners of the United Kingdom. Highlights of the event include demo flights and displays of the latest products and technologies – and the fact that exhibitors and visitors can fly-in and fly-out of the event. For more information visit www.heliukexpo.com

Dates: 3-4 June 2014
Venue: Sywell Aerodrome
City: Northampton
Country: United Kingdom

United Kingdom Airports

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The United Kingdom covers some 241,590 square kilometers of land, incorporating the countries of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales as well as the Orkney and Shetland Islands. Simply put, the United Kingdom is a big place and it has plenty to offer. From the cultivated landscapes of England to the more rugged backdrop of the Scottish Highlands, there is something here for everyone. The variety of cultures are interesting and the people are diverse. And, since the United Kingdom is isolated from Europe by the English Channel and the North Sea, the quickest way to reach it is to fly to your destination, thereby making use of one of the many airports in the UK.

The vast majority of visitors from other countries will step off their airplane at Heathrow Airport. This massive airport is the busiest and best connected in the United Kingdom. However it is certainly not the only airport in the UK and there are more than 330 airports scattered across the UK with paved runways and a further 137 with unpaved runways. There are also 11 heliports so if you have need for this type of aircraft you should not struggle too much to find one. Most of the bigger airports in the United Kingdom are operated by the BAA and this helps to ensure that the airports maintains a certain standard of technology and efficacy. While airports such as Bristol Airport or Cardiff Airport may be somewhat different from Gatwick Airport or Edinburgh Airport, they are all well run and service is friendly and efficient at the best of times.

If you are planning to navigate your own way across the United Kingdom, you will find that there are literally hundreds of different airports to choose from. At this time we are only able to cover a few of the most prominent airports which generally offer the best service but if you desire to travel to somewhere that we have not covered, we urge you to investigate whatever other options may be available to you.

Airports in the UK:

Gatwick Airport

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Gatwick Airport started out as a modest little airfield in 1931, that was privately owned by Home Counties Aviation Services, later being taken over by Airports Limited. Once in hands of Airports Limited, the aprons, taxiways and a terminal were constructed. Gatwick opened its doors to passengers in 1936, and passengers were able to reach the airport by train, walkways and subways. Its operations were abandoned due to not having a paved runway in 1938, and Gatwick eventually served as a base to the Royal Air Force during the second world war. In 1946, it was commissioned for civil use again, but still had a grass runway. Changes only came in 1953 after it was declared the second London airport, and was closed for renovations until 1956. Traffic slowly started increasing over the following years and extensions were built to the terminal. In 1978 this London airport became a gateway to transatlantic travel and by 1980, passenger traffic had grown to 10 million. By the year 2000 Gatwick had increased its passenger records of 32 million, and is the second largest airport in Britain.

Gatwick operates two runways, both constructed of asphalt, with one measuring 3,316 meters (10,879), and the other measureing 2,565 meters (8,415 feet). Operations and traffic at Gatwick is directed from two terminals, namely the South Terminal and the North Terminal. The North Terminal deals with airliners such as Aer Lingus, British Airways, Delta Air Lines, Air France and other commercial airlines. As charter flights are not permitted at Heathrow, the bulk of the charter flights are made to and from Gatwick Airport, and the North Terminal. Restrictions, in regard to transatlantic flights, are also enforced by Heathrow and therefore, Gatwick receives most of the traffic between the United States and Britain. The South Terminal deals with most of the traffic that comes in and out of Gatwick, including international, charter and domestic flights.

Both the North and South Terminals have convenient parking that is divided into Long Term, Short Term, Fast Track and Business Parking. Parking facilities for disabled and wheel chair passengers are reserved exclusively for their use. Gatwick Airport also accommodates a wide variety of passenger facilities such as foreign exchange services, ATM’s, smoking areas, postal services, restaurants, book stores, bars, shoe and clothing stores, gift shops, jewelry stores, fast food stores, pharmacies, luxury goods stores, designer boutiques and health stores.

General Dynamics

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General Dynamics is based in Falls Church, Virginia and has 81,900 employees around the world. The Aerospace group of General Dynamics is comprised of General Dynamics Aviation Services and Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation.

Beginning in 1958, Gulfstream Aerospace has specialized in designing and manufacturing advanced corporate jet aircraft. This includes mid-size and large cabin airplanes from the Gulfstream G100 to the Gulfstream G550.

General Dynamics Aviation Services performs maintenance and refurbishment work as well as airframes and avionics. Their facilities are located in the United States and United Kingdom.