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  • B29 Superfortress

    In 1939, prior to the United States entering the Second World War, Boeing submitted the B-29 prototype to the U.S. Army for consideration as a long-range heavy bomber. Boeing hoped that the airplane’s advanced new features, such as its remote controlled guns and pressurized cabin, would appeal to the military. Other attractive features included an […]

  • PBY Catalina

    The PBY Catalina aircraft was used heavily in World War II as a defense against submarines and as convoy escorts, search and rescue aircraft, transports, and patrol bombers. Its versatility and long-range capability made it invaluable. It could be fitted just as easily with depth charges or bombs, torpedoes, or other ordnance. Many thousands of […]

  • War Strategies

    Skip Bombing Skip bombing was used in World War II by Allied bombers against Japanese ships in the southwest Pacific. Before that, in the summer of 1942, only the B-17F bombers of Maj. Gen. George C. Kenney’s Fifth Air Force could reach targets located near Rabaul, New Britain from New Guinea, a distance of up […]

  • Boeing

    Based in Chicago, Boeing manufactures commercial jets and military aircraft, rotor craft, missiles, launch vehicles, defense and electronic systems, and communications systems. The company employs more than 155,000 people in 67 countries. Boeing’s long history includes development of bombers, fighter planes, and surveillance aircraft. In 1997, Boeing merged with McDonnell Douglas. The ...