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  • Sweden Airports

    Sweden is a beautiful country located on the Scandinavian peninsula. Boasting immense natural beauty with abundant forests and lakes, Sweden is a prime tourist destination. The many airports in the country ensure easy access to different cities, making it a pleasure to explore this picturesque Nordic country. One of the airports that you might come […]

  • Gothenburg International Airport

    Gothenburg International Airport, is also known as Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport, and is located approximately 25 kilometers outside of Gothenburg. Gothenburg has a secondary airport, named Gothenburg City Airport. The Gothenburg International Airport is significantly smaller than Stockholm-Arlanda Airport, but still accommodates almost 4 million passengers annually. Gothenburg-Landvetter ...

  • Stockholm-Arlanda International Airport

    The Stockholm-Arlanda International Airport is the biggest airport in Sweden, and is located approximately 28 kilometers outside of Stockholm. During a year, the Stockholm-Arlanda Airport assists and accommodates approximately 17 million passengers, but has a capacity to deal with 25 million passengers a year. Originally, the airport was built in 1959 for practice flights, but […]

  • Aircraft Museums

    There are many aircraft museums located all over the world. Some of them showcase the earliest attempts of flying while other showcase the most modern machines. Many aircraft museums only showcase model aircraft which are built in scale to the real airplanes. A few of these famous aircraft museums include, The Fargo Air Museum and […]